Dj leslie 92.3 - Radio host J Cruz debuted ‘The Cruz Show’ on REAL 92.3 and here’s how it started

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As such, it is enjoyable, while being a bit deeper at times than one might suspect.

  • As a fan, it annoys me how a hard working show rising in the ratings with little or no support from a program director, who sounded like an idiot when he came on their show and is hated by everyone is rewarded by being fired and then giving a demotion.

  • One knows that they basically love and care about what they do, and it shows.

Radio DJ stirs up culture clash

Paco later went to jail for drug dealing.

  • Then eventually, I got to mix the midnight slot.

  • He's taught one or two classes a semester in the journalism and mass communications department at Cal State Long Beach since 2006.