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Celebrate the profound connection that exists between you and your unborn baby with.
Relaxing Through Pregnancy, a deeply nourishing visualization led by
Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives
coauthor, Vicki Abrams

Learn full body relaxation & breathing exercises that will enhance your ability to listen and respond to your body’s wisdom now and during your baby’s birth.
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You are uniquely gifted
and perfectly suited
to guide your baby’s journey
through life, beginning with
the unique
and magical experience
of your pregnancy, and
continuing through
the unforgettable moments
of your baby’s birth.

Free Digital Copy of MOTHERING
Now viewed digitally! Gain immediate access to our SOLD OUT Baby-Carrier Special Issue
(Jan-Feb 2007) & get a digital subscription to MOTHERING!
All the same valuable, trusted information found in MOTHERING magazine but a lower subscription price, links to advertisers and organizations, and access to your digital subscription in minutes.
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Deepak Chopra’s

A Story of Enlightenment.

Be the first to receive a special excerpt from Deepak Chopra’s remarkable new novel. Due out on May 1, the book reveals the iconic journey of the prince who became the Buddha, and how it changed the world forever.
Free Baby Boot Camp Class
Baby Boot Camp® prenatal and postpartum fitness classes are designed specifically to help moms get fit. Enjoy your FIRST CLASS FREE and enter to win a FREE Kelty jogging stroller at www.babybootcamp.com.  
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Earth Mama Angel Baby®
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Experience the heavenly bliss of Mama’s celebrated all natural and glorious body, baby care and natural pregnancy gifts, and get 10% off.
Gifts from the earth
 for your gift from heaven™.
Free Cotton Hat from Moby Wrap
Continue your magical journey into parenthood by holding your baby often and close. The 100% soft cotton fabric of the Moby Wrap allows your baby to be uniquely close while providing ultimate comfort and support. Receive a cotton hand knit baby hat with every purchase.
Spiritual Parenting Soulful Advice

Receive tips, tools, and soulful advice for creating a spiritual pregnancy from parenting expert Mimi Doe. Your child is physically connected now, & emotionally and spiritually connected for both of your lifetimes.  And yet, this child has its own never-ending connection with spirit, an unfolding life plan. Months of pregnancy can allow your relationship to blossom and unfold as you await your baby. 
Complimentary pass for 2 to attend

where the ordinary becomes extraordinary . . . and all things baby become magical.  Spectacular Speakers; Enriching Entertainment; Exquisite Exhibitors;  Dreamy Designs
April 28 & 29 at the  Los Angeles Convention Center

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Free Excerpt from 100 Questions
Mallika Chopra explores 100 of the questions children ask
Where did I come from? Will you get sick and die? Why do I have to share? Do trees have feelings? Why doesn’t anyone want to play with me? What's a bomb? Sometimes whimsical, often poignant Mallika shares her personal quest to respond to her own children’s questions with lessons that last a lifetime.
Free recipe of "New Mama Soup"
The Secret is Out!
Get the recipe for
Soup Mom's famous
"New Mama Soup"
(aka Soup of Life)
A homemade pot of this nourishing and delicious soup is a beautiful offering of love for every new mother. Vegetarian & nonvegetarian versions are both available. Download this free recipe and more, while signing up to receive free soup-making tips and recipes from San Diego's own Soup Mom.
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Our mission is to support women on the journey of childbirth with the nurturing wisdom of the Earth.

From preventing stretch marks to increasing breast milk, we are dedicated to crafting the finest quality, safe and effective products for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and babies, with integrity and reverence for our planet.
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Wild Divine’s web retail shop
including their newest product, a
Biofeedback Program, Healing Rhythms training for a happy mind
and healthy body!

Free excerpt of A Quiet Place
36 award-winning Peggy O'Mara editorials, now in one volume. Essays on Life and Family For more than 30 years, Peggy has been the source and inspiration for natural parenting wisdom.
As editor and publisher of Mothering magazine and a leading expert on natural approaches to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, she has touched thousands of readers through her profound words and compassion.
Experience YOGA for Pregnancy
First class free with Vicki Abrams at Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, Wed. 4-5:15pm Move, stretch and strengthen your
ever-changing pregnant body in a nurturing and
safe environment and meet other moms-to-be. Vicki will guide you through a sequence of gentle Yoga poses to relieve aches and pains, release physical tension and create more flexibility. Your first class is free through May 31, 2007
From Woman to Mother Interview
Listen to a live interview focusing on the spiritual aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood
by Tamara Donn, a childbirth educator who is passionate about supporting women to re-awaken their inner wisdom and to empower them to truly trust themselves, listen to their hearts and to honour the rite of passage into motherhood however it unfolds.
Be prepared Mama! FREE Birth Plan
Earth Mama Angel Baby put their celestial heads together to ask the questions you might be too tired, excited or overwhelmed to ask.
Whether you prefer a natural, non-medicated birth or a medically assisted birth, their plan is a perfect tool for having your desires met during labor, and for communicating with your family, doctor and/or midwife before your angel arrives.
$50 Off Children's Behavior Class
Redirection Children's Behavior
gives parents fast, effective ways to
become calmer & more confident and to raise children to be responsible and cooperative.Easy-to-learn positive parenting techniques allows redirection of children's behavior through loving guidance rather than ineffective punishment. Learn tips on using logical consequences, setting limits, and achieving peaceful resolution of conflicts.
Free book of Spiritual Messengers
Inspiring E-book
by David Riklan, the founder of SelfGrowth.com
The Top 9 Modern Spiritual Messengers and Their Insights
David identifies and describes the 9 most important Modern Day Spiritual messengers and their messages. He brings you details about their lives, their background, their messages and the best place to get started learning about each of them.
25% Off Pregnancy Yoga DVDs
Colette Crawford's
Yoga for Pregnancy, Labor and Birth presents a unique preparation for experiencing childbirth with awareness and self-confidence while decreasing the common discomforts of pregnancy.
Yoga for Women's Health is a powerful new video / DVD for every woman - teen to post-menopausal. Learn to prevent pelvic weakness and incontinence, reduce tension, low back and more.
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Whether you’ve assisted in hundreds of births or are about to give birth to a baby of your own,
Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives
delivers time-honored wisdom to support you in nurturing and birthing your baby safely,
lovingly and consciously into the world. 
Pamper yourself as you love and protect your unborn baby.