Strengthen the Bond

Parents and newborn babies are meant to be together. Babies have a primordial need to feel physically connect to their mother/father and they seek this intimate bond soon after birth. Fathers and partners can share in this intimacy from the first minutes of life. Trust your mother father instincts. They are there. Listen for them. Part of new parenthood is the journey and the exploration of learning to care for your new baby. Remember, there is no "right way", there is only "your way" and your way will provide your baby with exactlly what he or she needs!

The intimacy shared between a mother and baby during the nine months inside the womb needs to continue outside the womb through feeding, cuddling, rocking, holding and carrying. Rest assured that every cell in your body already knows your baby and every cell in your baby's body already knows you. You are genetically, intimately and eternally connected to one another through your body, mind and spirit. You know your baby better than anyone else.

Constant physical contact with her caretakers helps a child's right brain to develop optimally as the circuitry of emotions is being laid down.

Christiane Northrup, M.D. – Mother Daughter Wisdom

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