Vision Mapping Class - A Creative Process for Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth

Classes offered

please email Vicki@Journeyintobirth.com

for upcoming dates. 

Join Vicki Abrams, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, and prenatal yoga instructor as she facilitates this powerful process for mothers- and fathers-to-be.  Through the support of a beautiful inner process, your inner wisdom will guide you to images and words that resonate with values and deeply held desires of what you want to create as a parent.  As your logical mind becomes aligned with your heart, you’ll find that you begin to tap in to your deep inner wisdom of intention and desire.
The end result of this two hour process will be a gorgeous, uplifting vision map that will serve as a visual representation of what you are wishing to create throughout your pregnancy and birth.  This map will serve as a touchstone of your power and wisdom that will guide you not just through your baby’s birth, but for many beautiful years to come.

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