Empower me to be a bold participant,
Rather than a timid
saint in waiting
. -Ted Loder

For more information please contact Vicki Abrams
vicki@journeyintobirth.com • 858. 456.9029
-or - The Chopra Center
www.chopra.com •888.424.6772 ext.1639

The 2-1/2-day course is designed to enhance your existing knowledge of childbirth education.

• Learn restful relaxations, mindfulness meditation and guided imagery processes - all time-honored tools that you can share with parents during pregnancy and labor.
• Explore the healing potential of y our five senses and learn specific techniques which have been shown to have a beneficial affect on the unborn baby.
• Integrate your practical knowledge of labor with enlivening multi-sensory experiences.
• Understand how consciousness influences interpretations and perceptions of labor and pain.
• Explore the ability to influence our biological processes through the power of our minds.
• Cultivate an awareness and appreciation of the unborn baby's experiences in teh womb.
Teacher Training The breakthrough concepts of Magical Beginnings Enchanged Lives are offered as an Instructor Enhancement Program. This unique and empowering pre-natal teacher training, created by Dr. Deepak Chopra, David Simon, Vicki Abrams CCE, IBCLC and Danielle Dorman, is designed for childbirth educators, midwives and nurses who want to help parents rediscover their strenghts and inner wisdom as they embrace the birth process.
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