A Unique Prenatal Learning Experience
This comprehensive six-lesson course is designed to prepare you for all aspects of bringing your baby safely, lovingly and consciously into the world based on the understanding that a woman's body already knows how to give birth.

In this revolutionary course, which integrates the best of modern science and ancient wisdom: DISCOVER ways to connect with and nourish your unborn baby through creative exercises, visualization, massage, aromatherapy and healthy nutrition. UNDERSTAND the physiological changes you'll experience during each stage of labor and explore many options for creating a birth experience that is supportive, nourishing, and empowering.


The Chopra Center Childbirth Program
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Learn to:
• Use the rhythm of your own breath to become more centered, more peaceful, and more connected to your body and to your baby.
• Use visualization exercises to envision your birth experience as you would ideally like it to unfold.
• Learn to re-establish the fundamentals of equilibrium in your body, mind and emotions after your baby's birth.
How precious small parent groups are at this time when we are just beginning to trust the truth of our own experiences. - Sherry Ruth Anderson
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