A baby can show the signs of stress even before she is born. - Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives

Giving birth
is among other things,
rigourous physical exertion, and yoga
is an ideal exercise
to prepare
a mother's body
for the event.

Concentration on the breath
is a time-honored practice.

Many of the postures taught in pregnancy yoga are similar to positions that women instinctively assume during labor, especially those which involve opening and releasing the pelvis.

Yoga for pregnancy focuses specifically on postures such as squatting and kneeling which help to widen the pelvic diameter and allow gravity to support the passage of the baby through the birth canal.

Perhaps the greatest value is the way that yoga teaches women to use their breath as an ally and as an anchor that can return them to their center whenever their mind starts to drift into the past or the future. Concentrating on the breath is a time-honored practice that has helped women throughout the ages to get through even the most difficult times in labor.

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