By bringing awareness to the sensations you imbibe through your five senses, you create a . . . nurturing, positive environment for your baby to thrive.

The following practices can support you in experiencing and deepening
this connection every day.

Loving or therapeutic touch
sends relaxation and healing to you
and your unborn baby.

Several times during the day, tenderly place your hands on your belly. Imagine yourself holding your baby as she sleeps or kicks inside your womb. Gently caress your belly while speaking softly to her. Spend time connecting with your baby through the sense of touch, even before she is in your arms.

Draw yourself a luxurious bath, llighting candles and diffusing a soothing aroma, such as lavender, nevoli or orange to create a relaxing atmosphere. As you feel yourself and your baby floating together in the warm water, affirm that you are both loved, at peace, and completely supported.

Speak Sounds of Love

The soothing sound of your own voice is perhaps the single most nourishing sound that you can share with your baby.Take some time each day to sing, coo, read to,and talk to your baby, knowing that he or she is listening.

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