Ultrasound monitoring has shown minutes after a pregnant woman experiences a stressful event that her baby responds with an accelerated heart rate or strong kick.
When peaceful, a mother's unborn baby is peaceful and able to play and grow in his own natural rhythm without needing to fight against imposed stress by his mother.
By four to five months gestation, a baby in utero is similar in awareness and feelings to that of a newborn. By holding your baby in your awareness each day, as you sing and talk to her, dream about and welcome her, sensations of love flow through you and enable her to grow into an amazing human being


When the input you receive through your five senses is soothing, your body releases health-promoting chemicals. It's been demonstrated that adrenaline, noradrenaline, oxytocin, serotonin and most other messenger molecules are transported across the placenta.

The environment of your womb is rich with sounds and sensations and your impressions of the world continually filter through to your baby.

Each sensation pleasurable or uncomfortable, imaginary or real releases chemicals through your body which have an effect on you and your baby.

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